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Somewhere unfinished

21 Aug

Portland Cello Project – Please Leave a Light On

Your impossible heart, it’s soft pace.

Strings of your hair don’t fade from my face

when I awake. No more strands of smoke

that fade then flash in crespular strokes

before falling in the grains of shade,

behind the bed where beauty was made.

I’m no stranger to killing in my dreams.

Fire in my heart and steel in my beams.

image: Jesper Hauge


Home is me and home is her.

24 Jun


Safe – Nosaj Thing

These are the lost hands that wrote my future.

The lost feet that are my ship.

Navigator’s lost the compass and we’re unsure,

but I’ll keep these sails taut til they rip.

I breathe in my chest and I shoot from the hip.


A world of mistakes are mine to make.

Mine to create.

I shake em loose

and ingest them willingly.

because there’s no soul in living blissfully.

I flee in my rest, and I shoot from my lips.


Connor, death is ever present.

every day’s a day gone on.

You’ve still got some time.

Some days to hear death’s song.


Sailing’s fine and living is nice and if

nothing’s nothing til I try it

I’ve got play to work

and a song to find it.


I teethe at the breast, and I’m food in the crypt.

I peak at the crest, and I sail til they rip.


Image – Abri_Beluga



20 May

Mimicking Birds – The Chimney Sweep


I slipped fate.

The coarse, rough, and fear

feeling midpoint.

Trampling medians between

The   plunge       and     the  numb.

Some doubt grows and fades.

A dying breath

thick with spit and

maybe this is right.

Maybe I’m comfortable with this.

Or maybe my compass got stuck a long time ago.

Either way I don’t think I’m that OK.


It takes nine months to come to this.

Every child begins the world again,

to some extent,

and so have I.

And I will not stop dying.

One day The Ship will sail.

And I’ll be on it.


image: fiddle oak

A poem about my new shirt!

23 Apr

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Lake Feet

We’ve all got skeletons,

skin deep down.

When we get cut they try and climb out.

So we curse and shout some

skin deep noun.

Send those fuckers home in pale green gowns.


make them hurt.


drown em in


Sewn into the scars in our bodies. Hide our bodies inside clothes. Close those jackets, never to be opened or exposed.


We’ve got a fear of being open and exposed.


taking off our clothes.


the stories of our scars.


all these bones of ours.

What a world this would be if we had no skin.

No muscles or nerves,

nothing to hide in.

image: unknown



20 Feb

The Walkmen - On the Water

The dragons head for air,
and the part timers follow suit.
Flash clubs, three in a row, dig 
I can't explain how I feel.
Sea lions comfort me.
It does a thing.
Still though, I'm breathing flames.
I make calm to my limbs.
Simmer some.
Let's do this tango.
Throwing in
some calculated grin.
And yes,
restless dreams come in episodes,
but everyone dies when the sun explodes.
Sky goes dark, and,
I can only see when I breathe.
Headed in the wrong direction.
Not again,
You lost the light of the stars.
Shut out by fire.
And I cannot explain how I feel.
And Sea lions comfort me.


Dreaming down the Z axis

15 Feb

Orcas – Carrion

Guess it’s that feeling in the night.

Guessing it’s a certain hue.

Rusty memories,

A language of the eyes.

Eyes of flowers, every color of

every sky.








hellish dream



image: goto10

Bodies and minds

11 Dec

Sufjan Stevens – Justice Delivers It’s Death

We’re so temporary, it feels like such a long time.

But it’s quite the contrary.

We’re only here for a handful of songs,

and then we’re pushed out into the night into the cold.

And one day we’re all going to fall apart.

We’re going to break our bodies or

lose our minds and I guess that’s fine

but I’d rather be shot in the head or die asleep in my bed.

I’m living but I ache for life.

I’m sleeping in dreams and

my job is a reel I’ve seen too many times.

When will I wake from this life that I live?

Because some day soon I’m going to come apart.

I’m going to wreck my body and

lose my mind, and I guess that’s fine.

But I’d rather get a clot in the head and die asleep in my bed.

image:Sirja Ellen