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Dive Deep

20 Jul


She said play it again

and did not understand

that that sea was not all that deep

my heart only

it only has so many beats

when it’s you

I dive deep

and this sea’s not mine to leave

I said not this again

the same argument

my mind’s competency isn’t

only a sum of femur rings

because you I know me

and my sea’s well known topographically

I’m in places from when

I was not who I am

the memories I pick at the seams

this part of my life

well it feels just like a dream

when I’m with you we’re rewriting

these spots belong

to you and to me

Tracking Dirt

24 Sep

Tracking Dirt – SoF

I sewed seeds and their harvests reveal,

the need to retread,

the paths in my head.

Ruminate while tending to plots,

I forgot,

oh, I weed a lot.

Captivate me quietly,

and take me to that place,

where the past leads the way.

I can’t slow down I am jumping between,

a bay side town,

and a swamp and a frown.

Culminate can I stop the clock?

I’m backed up at the block,

a metaphorical clot.

You can fake me perfectly,

I’ll talk about today,

in my regular way.

Step outside to a luminous shock,

with my feet in the grass,

and my eyes at half mast.

It permeates and by the time I can see,

cool grey sky has arrived,

tornado inside the eye.

Jar this ghost reality,

and take me to the place,

where I lead the way.

Rain falls down and this drought is repealed,

and it’s flooding my fields,

spring forth a bountiful yield.

I cultivate and I am present again,

you’re a delicate wind,

and you’re taking my hand.

Image: Lotus Carroll

Losing the light

3 Dec


Losing the light – Marconi Union

We fall from trees with grace.

Wrapping the air around us.

Invisible flares escape,

beauty in the nothing.

With skill we harness gravity.

Port de bras, passing branches.

Entrechat to gain velocity.

we learned this ages ago.

Slowing to contemplate metaphase.

I watch the steps.

You watch the degage.

And we carry on.

Making figures in the crepuscular rays,

We bow

where our coast meets the waves

and we reach the ground.

image: Mike Homnick

The Fretted Terrain

25 Oct

I must soon quit the scene – American Analog Set

I recall our foundation. Of course there was red. I painted them in long strokes, uplifted by tectonic knife quakes, striped, a solid evidence of early onset B layer formation. In the middle of a vast body of watercolor. There were people on those and now I see them only in my dreams. Or I in theirs. Dancing.

There were two.

I. Imagine Monument Valley. Now forty times taller. Forrest Gump is a speck. A bit of dust in your eye.

II. The Fretted Terrain. Think of what the mariners saw. Think vikings. It’s like that. Red, falling, crumble. The creator resembling that of a drunk architect, or a spider on LSD. Rickety.

A return returns a retinal shock to find the tall stack, the I. toppled and knocked, or moved or all. The water’s gone. Now bone dry, silt deposits, slightly darker, coffee rind topography. All that remains is the crooked tower known as Carroke Point.

image: munir

We fall from trees with grace

13 Sep

Flying Lotus [feat. Laura Darlington] – Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum

Sometimes you can’t wade through,

and thoughts they carry you away.


And you’re falling with the rain,

Impact back in bed again.


Pause                                   Pause

Grow                       Grow

Orange                                  Orange

Stop                                                         Stop

And you’re back underneath.

Sometimes we ride the tide,

and sometimes we hide in the deep.

tied by vine sheets.

Heavy foghorn hair

skulking in the ocean green.

Perilous eyes seem tongue-

tied toes turning in trailing kelp.

Help knew no beginning.

Too long I’ve been sinking,

sinning in my dreams,

stinking up the seams of my sheets.

image: jspad

Losing Altitude

20 May

Great Lake Swimmers – Merge, A Vessel, A Harbor

I am going to erase the lines on paper,

The way I’m erasing lines long and latter.

The way I dissipate the states,

and disrupt the county voting data.

Alleviate the ancient gods from

running course around the sun.

Manipulating the current lines that

saddle the sea to bring Magdelene back to me.

And if these lines weren’t around

would I lose my course and run aground?

Would this untamed wind teach me the clouds?

Or would it beat those aging sails down?

What is there left to learn?

I close my eyes and say

god, oh god, oh god,

I’m losing altitude.              (I’m losing my mind)

When a timeline ends,       (always on a point)

Was it ever there at all?     (let’s stay on point)

image: Joe Dunckley

Stuck outside my body but I think I left a window unlocked somewhere.

25 Apr

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Colorful Nickels

Would I be proud?

I always delayed self assurance.

iv three times pass.


Friday, 3:00. Forgiving.

A beginning becoming itself.

A compassion I never knew.

A delicate bloom.

Precision in the sun.

Stretched lips and dimple dents.

I see them through the fence.

A timed mind.

The sins of pines

are needles born.

image: ?