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New New Ceremony

8 Dec


Harmonics – Gareth Dickson

Wrapped in the blanket we wove,

we’re waiting out the storm.

Sand sleet whips at windows worn.

The sands of time will eat our love.

The first tear in the fur of a bear

only after we’re bones and a pile of hair.


We witness the mixture of sediment.

And the ceremony is grand,

but love isn’t sand

and the process loses it’s target sentiment.

All we have is this wind.

We’re going to keep each other warm.

We cant protect from all these elements.

But we’ll leave this earth in finer form.

image:Mihai Balan

In love, love.

8 Mar

Angels (Four Tet Remix) – The XX

In love, love.

when I’m in, I’m in.

And then,

It’s different, stronger.

A puzzle we solved.

In love, glove.

When it’s on, I’m me.

Warm me.

Same but stronger.

I know that I am


in love, Love.

as a pair, let’s take

hands, time

and take them longer.

How about forever?