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New New Ceremony

8 Dec


Harmonics – Gareth Dickson

Wrapped in the blanket we wove,

we’re waiting out the storm.

Sand sleet whips at windows worn.

The sands of time will eat our love.

The first tear in the fur of a bear

only after we’re bones and a pile of hair.


We witness the mixture of sediment.

And the ceremony is grand,

but love isn’t sand

and the process loses it’s target sentiment.

All we have is this wind.

We’re going to keep each other warm.

We cant protect from all these elements.

But we’ll leave this earth in finer form.

image:Mihai Balan

Bodies and minds

11 Dec

Sufjan Stevens – Justice Delivers It’s Death

We’re so temporary, it feels like such a long time.

But it’s quite the contrary.

We’re only here for a handful of songs,

and then we’re pushed out into the night into the cold.

And one day we’re all going to fall apart.

We’re going to break our bodies or

lose our minds and I guess that’s fine

but I’d rather be shot in the head or die asleep in my bed.

I’m living but I ache for life.

I’m sleeping in dreams and

my job is a reel I’ve seen too many times.

When will I wake from this life that I live?

Because some day soon I’m going to come apart.

I’m going to wreck my body and

lose my mind, and I guess that’s fine.

But I’d rather get a clot in the head and die asleep in my bed.

image:Sirja Ellen