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Time Four

24 Dec

Marconi Union – Transient


Count Count Count Count Count.

Thunder, five miles out.

Keeping rains at bay by

rain repellant blanket fort.


Miles that is.

In time, everything flies.

And everything fades.

I don’t mind it that way.

Life’s too three.

Breath and sleet’s musical beats.

It’s in the in of all I feel.

Is it turquoise or is it teal

Two much living behind.

Living below is slow. The air

there is not like here.

I’m coughing snow and it’s

all that I hear.


Guess they don’t all pass overhead.

Guess there are some trees I can’t climb.

Guess we’re not all kids all the time.

Time four.



Bodies and minds

11 Dec

Sufjan Stevens – Justice Delivers It’s Death

We’re so temporary, it feels like such a long time.

But it’s quite the contrary.

We’re only here for a handful of songs,

and then we’re pushed out into the night into the cold.

And one day we’re all going to fall apart.

We’re going to break our bodies or

lose our minds and I guess that’s fine

but I’d rather be shot in the head or die asleep in my bed.

I’m living but I ache for life.

I’m sleeping in dreams and

my job is a reel I’ve seen too many times.

When will I wake from this life that I live?

Because some day soon I’m going to come apart.

I’m going to wreck my body and

lose my mind, and I guess that’s fine.

But I’d rather get a clot in the head and die asleep in my bed.

image:Sirja Ellen

Losing the light

3 Dec


Losing the light – Marconi Union

We fall from trees with grace.

Wrapping the air around us.

Invisible flares escape,

beauty in the nothing.

With skill we harness gravity.

Port de bras, passing branches.

Entrechat to gain velocity.

we learned this ages ago.

Slowing to contemplate metaphase.

I watch the steps.

You watch the degage.

And we carry on.

Making figures in the crepuscular rays,

We bow

where our coast meets the waves

and we reach the ground.

image: Mike Homnick