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drawing blanks

25 Jul

Function - Tiger Cub Samurai

In quiet solitude,           sits.
       t  ol   d
              "de   ath
                        r  e s ts
              "de   ath       i s
 n        o                    t
                   k     ind.
           l           e       ts
         s lit 
               de   ath     's
           lif  e."

"n   ice"
         s            he
   quip  s, 
                    a   r m  s
               de  ka     n,
      e           y    e     s
         sof t.
         s            he


It’s snowing somewhere

19 Jul

George Winston – Bird of Prey

I admit sometimes I don’t say enough.

Sometimes I’m sorry I didn’t.

I’d like to disable this device in my mind.

I saw you standing in the corner

of my eye

only one.

It’s a sweet notion.

This boat in motion

World’s morning swing’s swung buckled blanc

blankets and

I’m hitting my head on the bedposts.

image: chikache

It’s Texture

17 Jul

The Flashbulb – Eyes of June

Tacked thistle fog tugs dusk down

with sounds and musk, bristle bound

sack tied with bent and browned


Dusk in a bag




night runs.

Raging silence, calm and ominous.

Fluid. Knowing. Calls to all of us.

Subtle cricket drawl embalming us.

Night is an egg.




yolk broke

then morning has awoke. Breaking through the lunar skin

crashing down upon the land. And, I’ve never seen the sun so grand.


image: dirac3000