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Losing Altitude

20 May

Great Lake Swimmers – Merge, A Vessel, A Harbor

I am going to erase the lines on paper,

The way I’m erasing lines long and latter.

The way I dissipate the states,

and disrupt the county voting data.

Alleviate the ancient gods from

running course around the sun.

Manipulating the current lines that

saddle the sea to bring Magdelene back to me.

And if these lines weren’t around

would I lose my course and run aground?

Would this untamed wind teach me the clouds?

Or would it beat those aging sails down?

What is there left to learn?

I close my eyes and say

god, oh god, oh god,

I’m losing altitude.              (I’m losing my mind)

When a timeline ends,       (always on a point)

Was it ever there at all?     (let’s stay on point)

image: Joe Dunckley