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Stuck outside my body but I think I left a window unlocked somewhere.

25 Apr

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Colorful Nickels

Would I be proud?

I always delayed self assurance.

iv three times pass.


Friday, 3:00. Forgiving.

A beginning becoming itself.

A compassion I never knew.

A delicate bloom.

Precision in the sun.

Stretched lips and dimple dents.

I see them through the fence.

A timed mind.

The sins of pines

are needles born.

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Where do they go, when they leave my mind?

19 Apr

Fear Of The Unknown And The Blazing Sun - Colin Stetson

A graveyard of discarded dreams
All tangled up in midnight sheets.
The second side of a wilting leaf.
in white waterfall foam
it  hits       all ofme           And Fragments
 inside                           And Disappears
                        And dies.
I don't know what.
I'm sweaty.
And it's been a long month falling off cliffs.

image:Ingrid Hughes

(and Her)

15 Apr

Sufjan Stevens – Borderline

A ride home as kind as morphine,

I saw floods slip over quiet eyes of friends.

The bridge softly buckles and

the rivets give like dough.

But the tires have all melted away anyways.

and Her lids are heavy and she’s

losing the fight these days.


I never saw the blinking lights,

I never heard the siren’s sounds,

Please, let me have the window seat.


A ride home being sung to sleep,

I saw lids slip over quiet eyes of mine.

Magdalene softly chuckles and

tidal waves rise and grow,

but my fires have all died away anyways.

And her lids are heavy and she’s

losing the fight these days.

image: tocityguy