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To all of them

28 Mar

Daduk – D’est en Ouest

To all the people I’ve forgotten,

And then…

A long way ago, or, a

short spell before,

I had been a careless man.

But now,

would I feel the majesty?

Could I spare the time?

I keep among this drifting foam,

upon the tired sea.

Magdalene above me.

Oh how I am vain.

I was in the bushes,

and you were on the mountainside.

And you did shout your name.

image: akabilk

If You Would

11 Mar

Califone – If You Would

Silence torn before the sun was born.

Could it be a death of love?

Could you bring me some of that?

I don’t know.

Would you pray if you were asked?

I try to lie but I might.

Casting handfuls of voice in the

black abyss.

Maybe these are the timid miles I never saw.

Maybe this man is my enemy.

I couldn’t see his eyes in the rain.

But I imagine they saw ghosts of towers piercing

the sinews of the sea.

image: Sam Hood