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We are what you want.

31 Jan

Marconi Union – Nothing Ever Happens In Tunguska

I hope I dream another dream tonight.

I hope this proves to be a better year.

I’m swallowing a stone that won’t go down.

Upon examination fades away.

Elusive time it always gets away

with homicide. I’m left to slip slow down

in dip down sheets and dream this bitter year

away in premature moonbeams tonight.

image: AndyCunningham

Just Say If.

23 Jan

Mimicking Birds – On The Warm Side

Sunday night boasts

a scramble brain

and a soft voice.

We slide

the weekend wind

a comet tail

shedding skin

in the night sky.

Just say if.

I’ll drop it all and fall.

Just say if.

No, come and help me lift.

image: Chapendra