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Best told low

22 Dec

Modern Drummer – American Analog Set

The best love stories are the ones I never heard.

An advertised love hangs upon the thinnest threads,

plinks high notes and treads.

They are the wailing melody to the bass in our heads.

A drone we hear from miles away.

The undercurrent on choppy days.

Cello strings cheats strung bow.

Won’t play notes staff page says.

image: Jerry Cooke

the beginning of the end of the beginning

18 Dec

Michael Homnick – Follow Along

Golden tinsel woke me this morning

Peaked in though draped cloth.

Gave me a cold toed curtsy

Silent as a moth.

Golden tinsel choked me this morning

deranged by my thoughts

wired my jaw and wet my eyes and

bound my hands in knots.

Golden tinsel broke me this morning

but this time I fought back

took a walk though mountainsides

and slept when I got back.

image: Mark Faviell

A good day.

5 Dec

American Analog Set – Know by Heart

I would love to lay back and relive the past,
but fast passing volumes and fumes of the future go
trickling past.
The gas leaks quick and the last to leave will take the blast.
We plan plans and pray for fortunes fast.
We might drive all day, still not knowing
why we’re going, these busy hazy days:
Presently, patiently waiting.
But with you, past or present,
everlasting effervescent,
living to the future, not for it.

My love, my passenger in life, I’m looking forward to new pasts, pleasant presents, and old futures with you.



2 Dec

The love I felt for you
curly hair, eyes of blue
darkened skin that certain hue
I couldn’t say
I couldn’t see
you walked right past me
I couldn’t see the features in your face
A tiny piece in a larger place
You looked through me
saw instead a maple tree.

Broken by faulty eyes
and knowingly so
a mighty blow
I didn’t know
I didn’t know
crush me crush my

I never knew you the second time
and the first was never the same
string them all together
sew for me the line
a soft kiss with
stained lips

I opened the door
and found no core
and parting branches
I didn’t know
I didn’t know
crush me crush my

I watched and walked past
at last glance some girl walked fast.