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27 Oct

A rescuer clad in plaid
and I am soothed
His words and voice spin silken webs
that hug my heart and entrap it with
Eyes that pierce my own
and nothing is hidden
He understands me though I speak in tongues.
His mind speaks promises
and I dare to believe
vows of love unconditional
and I am soothed.

image: Seasinks


26 Oct

I traverse the same route
Every day
I start by putting on my shoes
They are worn with walking
But if I stop, I can’t live
This route is so familiar that sometimes it feels
Unfamiliar in a familiar way
Sometimes I forget where
I sat on the bus earlier that day
Today I sat next to an older man with shaky hands
He read Sherlock Holmes and wore no wedding ring
I wondered if he’s happy
then I smile and say “Good Morning”
as of this isolated kindness could repair his
and his shaky hands
Later I forget where I sat that morning
And my hands shake in the cold
as I wait to begin my route home

I forgot to wear my rings today.

Relax the scalp and let your hair fall out on the carpet

25 Oct

Beck – Farewell Ride

In solitude, or in the
locked eyes of a desperate song they
take me there, I’m
biking a hot day and a lonesome
run down boathouse rough road home
jut sand bank tell of fortune old as time
clock rocking the knotted rocker: grave
She sees me who I am and I came: the
future. Only memory scenes and I
am the sucker side of some cheap con
for I am not upon a bicycle nor
deep into a summer afternoon.
I see old days and I swoon
I live them a memory at each core
and choke seeds of cyanide that come
with each one. Ah, well, someday we’ll all die.


19 Oct

Sufjan Stevens – All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands

Every time the curtains rise,
she sings her haunting melodies.
The ground bucks up and sinks the seas,
moon pulls thin air and drops the tides.

The seasinks of green and grey,
painting dizzy headlight canopies.
Turquoise canyons crash upon their knees.
The seasinks grin a grin and say

“Goodbye to you my frivolous friend,
You breathless observer, never a participant,
I leave the rigs to their haughty chant.
Their fog horns rowdier than an elephant.”

Curtains close and I feel ill.
Shrimp and crabs softly murmuring
patiently awaiting the coming seasings
and once turbid waters stand serene and still.

image: mechkad

Passion, one M&M at a time

15 Oct

Sounds of Faces – Rough Untitled

Show me the life of passion.

This oyster is too large for me to see,

bunker me, hunkered down hundred years of rations

If I’m willing to join the assembly.

I apply and turn my eye to the grindiem

I carpe my paycheck at the door and

log another day in my compendium

another day dead gone dead sand

I’ll mix with more. Overreaction?

A stalling friend of mine turned sixty seven,

Some strong people don’t gain traction

Some long lives forget to leaven.

Show me the life of passion,

I want to have a calling, a mission.

image: kayschwag

For Morning’s Sake

5 Oct

Califone - Our Kitten Sees Ghosts

For morning's sake I   drug the blinds.
Morning descends the stairs
last night's blinds above her eyes.
            I shrug and let sun slits slip in
                                    slump and sigh.
I sit, cigarettes lit and drug.
For night's sake cognition abandon
A kindness granted
                     given        currentcaliber.
Sake's shadow and someones silhouette.
Steeped in silence.

Blinded three times,
                      he, drink, and night.
morning drags up the window panes
drags and stares at west sitting winds.

image: Matthew McVickar

are thoughts the? great. left behind

2 Oct

Great Day – Four Tet Remix (Madvillain)

                                 What are

                                 thoughts like

                                 before the synapse?                                               the great divide.

                                 many men are left


                                       All    lined   up   on   one   node.

                                       Rows, columns, groups of men

                                       all  thoughts  all   thought  out.

                                       Forward,                           march.

                       Oceans, canyons, mountains, all of the



                                               bodies fall strewn visceral drenched dirt or air or water

                                    push on almost there see

see            ahead the encampment flying our flag shredded by the            bullet          breeze

                     home stretch for              cracked windpipes

                                                                           and stained fingers nails

                                                                                      no coffins nailed for the dead on the field

                                                                                                                                                    just gone.


Safe on the                


side, count them all. 

Battles first of many.

                   Many more will          


                                 What are

                                 thoughts like

                                 before the synapse?                                               the great divide.

                                 many men are left


I think that’s how it happened, but there were probably more battles and conflicts, and now that I think about it there was probably a better reason to go where they did. How many of them were there again? Did we lose too many or did we come out of this one relativity unscathed?

I think the war has been over for some time now.

image: -scipio-