When heroes fall

13 Sep

Marconi Union – These European Cities

You don’t know everything about Lisa.
Carefully collected maybe
She dissected the rest of us.
Silent hidden charm just an arm away.
Try to skirt along tripping traps take the wall,
You cant see the girl
Hailey why do you put up with this?
Are your intentions really so clear?
The sharpness in your cheekbone
from another’s whetting stone.
Wedding gowns and neutral tones,
surely you’re more alive?
One day will I be the same way?
Inventing girls who fret and fawn
In my thoughtful din under sauntering moons
Will I build myself a pedestal?
Will I climb up and stab my chest?
Will I fall in puddles, broken and revel in my notoriety?

I want to give you your own breath.

image: Oncle Tom

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