11 Sep

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

I’ve been tracking my brain for quite some time now, following it, watching its every move. It is unsuspecting, and I take it for all it’s worth. Every time it takes a sharp turn, I am there, following, mimicking its every move. It is all I need. I followed it to a small shop down some twisted alleys, watched it as it talked to the shop owner for a few minutes. It emerged from the shop a few minutes later, carrying a small little ditty all wrapped in brown paper, tied with old timey twine. It proceeded to walk up the street against the setting sun. I took cover behind boxes of furniture and hot dog carts. I gain on it, I can see the details in the package, the paper slightly waken, white cracks show in the folds. I snatch the package and run. I run faster than the shouts can travel. I duck into alley after alley, and finally I am safe. I hold the package in my hands.


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