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The Moment

29 Sep

Tomas Dvorak – The Glasshouse with Butterfly
I am going to build you a moment.
Hung from maple lacquered ordained rafters,
no time for before and afters.
A moment hung from fishing line spun
with careful time.
I am going to build you a monument
I am going to build you a shrine
All the things we’ve worked toward.
I hung up all the times
hit a note I struck a chord,
I spilled the sand the pitcher poured.
hung up on symbologies
I married a man and his ideologies.



22 Sep

The Field – Over The Ice

Do you feel lucky?

They seemed to say.

Tissue cameras creep

over every inch of me.


Foreign orbs

observe, absorb.

The eyes, the eyes, and their frightening lies.

Black and white and color dyes.

He turns away from me,

and the waves recede.

I’m only shot when I see

the whites of their eyes.

And I’m surrounded by them all.

Prying pupils





I won’t let you see me see.

You see?

On and on we dawn these rituals.

Hide and seek with our peripherals.

Drop D

19 Sep

Mogwai - moses

 a n
  empty mind grows
 a n  y
     time, nothing but a low
 a n t  e
       me  nothing but
                     to  sow,

             seeping out windows sewing time into my eyes
             they grow heavy and I hear flip flop footsteps
             in record repeating digging troughs silent
             bouncing off white walls.

image: drp

When heroes fall

13 Sep

Marconi Union – These European Cities

You don’t know everything about Lisa.
Carefully collected maybe
She dissected the rest of us.
Silent hidden charm just an arm away.
Try to skirt along tripping traps take the wall,
You cant see the girl
Hailey why do you put up with this?
Are your intentions really so clear?
The sharpness in your cheekbone
from another’s whetting stone.
Wedding gowns and neutral tones,
surely you’re more alive?
One day will I be the same way?
Inventing girls who fret and fawn
In my thoughtful din under sauntering moons
Will I build myself a pedestal?
Will I climb up and stab my chest?
Will I fall in puddles, broken and revel in my notoriety?

I want to give you your own breath.

image: Oncle Tom

11 Sep

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

I’ve been tracking my brain for quite some time now, following it, watching its every move. It is unsuspecting, and I take it for all it’s worth. Every time it takes a sharp turn, I am there, following, mimicking its every move. It is all I need. I followed it to a small shop down some twisted alleys, watched it as it talked to the shop owner for a few minutes. It emerged from the shop a few minutes later, carrying a small little ditty all wrapped in brown paper, tied with old timey twine. It proceeded to walk up the street against the setting sun. I took cover behind boxes of furniture and hot dog carts. I gain on it, I can see the details in the package, the paper slightly waken, white cracks show in the folds. I snatch the package and run. I run faster than the shouts can travel. I duck into alley after alley, and finally I am safe. I hold the package in my hands.


The Pack The Prey

8 Sep

Moby – Isolate

The wolves on the prowl
    s olve
              the   owl
Bring the crowd when they have you
then the noise, the loud,
the mess of sound
   rounding down upon the kill
            down      the