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Only just

20 Aug

The Frames – Suffer In Silence

Just a book
Just a show
Just a movie
Just a song
Only a week
Only a slip of the tongue
Just a kiss
Just human
Just a bad day
Only twenty minutes
Just a memory
Only the past

All the old memories laid out on blankets in the sun to dry. A thousand little lights all sipping from the sun.

image: Leonard John Matthews

If i just follow

17 Aug

But love is never the same thing twice, always with a different spice, a hint of mint, or twist of lavender. it always finds a new way into your soul, scavenger.

Time is falling to the floor

16 Aug

Devandra Banhart – I Love That Man

I’ve got all my drawings all hung up on the wall opposing my front door, that every time I enter I’m greeted with a large armful of time past spent. One or two drawings fall off over and over, despite the amounts of duct tape I use. I’ve put them back up at least six times.
One day when I die will I erase the world?
Or will I keep it until I rot away, one city at a time?
What will be the last thing to go?
The thing I loved the most?
The time I ate indifferent toast?
What will the flames or worms eat last?
The heart of flesh or the ring of brass?
I found my box of pins today what a thought.

image: Gilderic


11 Aug

Great Lake Swimmers – Passenger Song

don’t know my hands,
the look, the feel of the skin
all buried in the sand

I don’t know where it starts and I begin.

The scariest part of realizing that you don’t like the things you used to, and that you are different from when you were a child is the fact that you didn’t seemingly choose this path you’re on, which means you have no idea where you will be farther down the line. Passing through dark tunnels, and only blind memories behind.
It’s impossible to tell anyone what you really mean,
And I’ve never been exactly as I seem.
All the ideas I write before I go to sleep,
are exactly what I dream,
but with more sheep.

Feels like winter, black bear.

10 Aug

Sufjan Stevens – for the windows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti

and of course the video is beautiful.
My brain is several sheets being blown low under dark blue breezes, easing along the thoughts that ought to be turning gnashing not timidly lying around. A panic. Like seeing the scene, shipwreck aftermath, folks flung swung on beams of oak melting down into earth that borne branches that press against my brain.

image: kayschwag


5 Aug

Rosie Thomas – Say Hello

Sometimes the times you never knew you hurt someone was the time it hurt the most.

Somewhere in the middle

5 Aug

Mum – Moon Pulls

The middle sea sinks – Forever drained, looking
watching Forever glancing, the glass-eyed coasts.
Never knowing coriander dappled drafts,
Nor the hug of the under toe tug
tugging coy orca cages silent
tree trunk grins they
grow through cheekbone windows.
Never feeling diamond cut tide tips,
misses crisp cuts, a kayaks meniscus.
The middle seas inks – Forever bled, trickled,
choking, Forever watching waves walking on.

image – Sleepychinchilla