I had a dream ants poured from holes in my kneecaps

22 Jun

Sufjan Stevens – The Owl And The Tanager

I don’t remember what for.

Respectful sounds heard ringing aloud above the ground.
Skeleton Sam waited till the sun had set.
Pushing up the lid the thought struck sound.
Skeleton Sam, a respectable fellow couldn’t believe he was dead.

The moonlight beamed through willow trees and lofty lichen.
Walking down the hill the sound of windy teeth.
Skeleton Sam denied the turn the time had taken.
Instead of dining down in town he was s’posed to be buried beneath.

The more he thought the more the loss of life unfair.
Wheeling around and heading to town fast as he could.
Down the sloping trail anger replaced despair.
Skeleton Sam a respectable man, with intentions not so good.

He approached the town and the gate rose o’er the sky.
And the sight of Sam did make the town crier cry.
“The undead have come!” but Sam spoke “Listen here,
I’d like to speak with the man you call your leader.”

But the man just shrieked and he did not flee he flew.
And as he ran off he said with a cough “Our leader ain’t talkin’ to you!”

Our friend Sam ever did ram
the walls that stood round the city.
The guards came down because of the sound,
and opened the gates with a crash!
And Skeleton Sam’s bones they did beat,
and burned till they were nothing but ash.

Now Skeleton Sam lies in the ground.
Only a pile of dust (not a sound!)
His respectable ruins are carried by ants,
And he helps give birth to many respectable plants.

image: manufrakass

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