For The Love I Had And Lost Or Never Had At All

6 Jun

Bombay Bicycle Club – Leaving Blues

”I’ll prove how much I love you with this handstand.”
-Spencer Krug

A place at night to consider things I can’t have.
Gone from our time, the past, she of kings, I can’t have.

Beach boulder perched under ripe light of moonstruck night,
But in mind, she and I, by suns springs I can’t have.

This moon is no sun, this ocean is no fresh stream.
Trashpools round my castle brings birds wings I can’t have.

“T’was my parade of knowing small things of the world
that caught her eye.” Self deceit shows, rings. I can’t have.

My minds filter lets less light in than do my eyes.
And you hold only long straws and strings I cant have.

“It is night but it is light Connor, don’t wallow.”
Did I just hear songs that water sings? I cant have.


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